Information management and data security

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The most important features of VALTO360º are information management and processing, it collects information to the point (POI) where it is needed. The emphasis is in collecting, all data is in customer’s own control. VALTO360º is not a parallel system to company’s own systems, but utilizes the information in them and facilitates the availability of it. Data is fetched from customer’s servers and updated data is also saved there.

Security is one of the most important aspects of network traffic and data processing. GDPR and many other requirements for secure data storage and handling are to be taken into consideration precisely. Beginning from the logging in, the data is transferred through public network encrypted. As information is distributed to several different systems, the connections for data transfer has to be kept secure. VALTO360º emphasizes and abides by the naturally strict data processing and security protocols in all networking.

On the operative level, permissions are also associated to data security as those take care that only those persons, who have access to view or modify information, are allowed to do so. Permission groups and their hierarchical order and other rules take care that the administrator can easily be resting assured of the validity of the permissions.