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Initial fire-fighting equipment in VALTO360 ° environment

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The owner and occupier of a property are always responsible for the condition and availability of fire hydrants. Everyone working in real estate, industrial and production areas must know the locations of the initial fire-fighting equipment.

No-one should move or remove the initial fire-fighting equipment, as everyone must be able to rely on the locations of the fire-fighting equipment they have learned. Their correct placement may also be a condition of the usage permit of the building.

The initial fire extinguishing equipment is marked in the VALTO360 ° environment on the floor plan and 360 ° images, through which they are easy to find.

The required documents can be attached to the VALTO360 ° point of interest:

  • selection of the site's initial fire-fighting equipment
  • fire extinguisher regulations (fire and power classes)
  • periodic inspection certificates
  • maximum service intervals
  • fire inspection reports
  • timeframe for the pressure test of the express fire hose

Emergency fire hydrants should be inspected every year and hoses tested every five years. Reminders about these inspections are easy to connect to the VALTO360 ° point of interest, making it easy for the person in charge to monitor the inspections.