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X-ray film development machine introduction procedures in industry

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Practical example shows how VALTO360° scales to different tasks. In this example it is unraveled what has to be taken into consideration when setting up the x-ray film development machine. 

Briefly, VALTO360° tells what has to be considered, shows the relevant documents and visually where everything is and works as a memo in the introduction. 

List of actions and procedures: 

  • Development machine’s calibration certificate validity, when is it due to perform a new calibration?
  • Development machine’s inspection certificate, is the inspection still valid?
  • Opening the water faucet for the machine, where is it located? Are there other valves that has to be opened before operating?
  • Turning on algae removal machine, where is the switch and where to get more if the container is empty?
  • Freshening liquid level check, how to produce more if the materials are low and where the materials are stored?
  • Is there still space for more used freshening in the waste containers, where are the full containers taken for recycling and location of the new containers?
  • If the machine gives errors, then what do those mean?

Contacting the maintenance personnel diminishes as the instructions and documents can be found directly from the VALTO360° service. Reports and documents are saved in near real-time of the operations and set up to the customer’s system.

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