The need for first aid at workplaces

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ensuring first aid at the workplace is an important part of the safety culture and the well-being of employees. The VALTO360° operating environment is a visual view of the company's safety infrastructure in orientation, training and as support on site.

The need for first aid readiness at the workplace is ascertained by the occupational health care provider in their workplace assessment, which also takes into account the special characteristics of the workplace and possible risks.

If necessary, first aid preparedness is planned in cooperation with representatives of civil protection and rescue organizations, where first aid preparedness in major accidents is especially taken into account.

In addition to assessing the first aid readiness of the workplace, it is also important to ensure that enough personnel have been trained in first aid skills and that trained persons are always available at the workplace. Those responsible for safety also have to make sure, for example, in industrial plants and construction sites, that first aid supplies and equipment are easily accessible and protective equipment is available. In the planning of the whole, it must be taken into account that not everything always goes to plan. Exceptional situations, such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks, should be taken into account in the planning of first aid preparedness.

At workplaces, depending on the job description and operating environment, there may also be situations that cause anxiety, fear or other psychological symptoms. In addition, the employees' various physical limitations, illnesses and injuries that may occur in the workplace must also be taken into account. These situations should be considered when planning first aid preparedness, and support and guidance should be offered to employees if necessary.

Carefully mapped scenarios and action plans improve the general safety picture and first aid readiness in different situations. And it's always good to keep in mind that plans only work when all employees are aware of them and know how to act when the situation is on.

First aid preparedness is an important part of workplace safety culture, and special attention should be paid to its planning. Regular first aid training and the availability of trained personnel at all times guarantee that the workplace is ready to respond to possible first aid situations. VALTO360° contains the tools and readiness to improve work safety and first aid readiness, in a visual and rewarding online environment.

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