A practical example of VALTO operation

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The condition of pump motors is monitored regularly, usually by an on-site inspection, listening for running noise and external signs such as resonance. Monitoring can also be done via IoT sensors. If a fault occurs, the motor is then serviced or repaired. At this point, the VALTO360° strengths come to the fore. When requesting quotations for the work, it’s possible to show what kind of motor is in question, what the is motor connected to, where it is located, what its life cycle and maintenance history are, and what kind of protective equipment and permits are needed to carry out the work. This information can be found in the POI added to the engine and can be directly attached to the request for quotation. When the worker enters the premises, the permits, the right tools and safety equipment are in order and the objective is clear. With right and accurate information, you can get your line back up and running faster.