Video surveillance, real-time situational awareness

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Video surveillance and monitoring are now commonplace in business operations. Cameras make it easier to monitor the operational environment and processes, and improve safety. The VALTO360º solution helps companies manage camera usage by collecting and anchoring cameras in a visual user interface.

Real-time situational awareness can be challenging if multiple video systems are used for different purposes. VALTO's advantage is its ability to understand the locations and layouts of spaces, showing where cameras are located in floor plans and 360-degree images. Centralized management of video cameras has several benefits, as all alerts and situations are easily tracked in one view, according to usage rights, regardless of time and location.

One of VALTO360º's basic principles is visual understanding of space. The interface, 360-degree images, and environment are optimized for smooth use without long loading times. Through video cameras, situational awareness is immediately available, and users can quickly perceive the situation and take necessary real-time actions.

Video surveillance and recording capabilities are a practical addition to many other VALTO360º features and expand its real-time usability in several operational functions.

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Timo Juhola