Disturbance in the pipeline

Tuesday, May 30, 2023


In energy production, disruptions caused by corrosion pose a potential risk. The accompanying description of an incident in the pipeline illustrates how VALTO Observer enables quick response in case of any disruptions and prevents potential major damages from occurring.

Incident Description

In late winter, during the early hours of the morning, an operator on rounds at the facility received an alert about a sudden drop in pressure in the pipeline. Previously, small, gradually progressing point-like corrosion had been observed on the surface of curve 6 (MS/H +4.990) during the annual inspections. The curve was planned to be repaired during the next downtime. For an unknown reason, steam had entered the pipeline, which had accelerated the corrosion process.  As a result, a section of the pipe containing hydrogen gave in, causing it to rupture.

In the inspection room at the end of the pipeline, an IoT sensor measuring pressure sent an alarm to the mobile phones of the respective operators. The situation required quick action. The operator on duty immediately opened the floor plan and the structure image of the line via the mobile phone VALTO Observer, where he found the location of the ruptured curve and the information on the pipe valve from the POI point for immediate closure, as well as activating the backup pipeline. The situation was over in a few minutes, and major damage was avoided.

VALTO Observer is designed to facilitate the maintenance of boilers and pipelines. The application has been developed by experienced professionals responsible for boiler maintenance and operational work. The system enhances condition monitoring, planning, and occupational safety, while also expediting maintenance downtime. Through the visual interface, boiler operators can monitor and anticipate wear, for example, in the fittings and respond to anomalies. All in all, VALTO is more than just a tool; it connects all the necessary information exactly where it is needed.

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Lassi Halme, DEKRA, expert

Video surveillance, real-time situational awareness

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Video surveillance and monitoring are now commonplace in business operations. Cameras make it easier to monitor the operational environment and processes, and improve safety. The VALTO360º solution helps companies manage camera usage by collecting and anchoring cameras in a visual user interface.

Real-time situational awareness can be challenging if multiple video systems are used for different purposes. VALTO's advantage is its ability to understand the locations and layouts of spaces, showing where cameras are located in floor plans and 360-degree images. Centralized management of video cameras has several benefits, as all alerts and situations are easily tracked in one view, according to usage rights, regardless of time and location.

One of VALTO360º's basic principles is visual understanding of space. The interface, 360-degree images, and environment are optimized for smooth use without long loading times. Through video cameras, situational awareness is immediately available, and users can quickly perceive the situation and take necessary real-time actions.

Video surveillance and recording capabilities are a practical addition to many other VALTO360º features and expand its real-time usability in several operational functions.

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Timo Juhola 

The need for first aid at workplaces

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ensuring first aid at the workplace is an important part of the safety culture and the well-being of employees. The VALTO360° operating environment is a visual view of the company's safety infrastructure in orientation, training and as support on site.

The need for first aid readiness at the workplace is ascertained by the occupational health care provider in their workplace assessment, which also takes into account the special characteristics of the workplace and possible risks.

If necessary, first aid preparedness is planned in cooperation with representatives of civil protection and rescue organizations, where first aid preparedness in major accidents is especially taken into account.

In addition to assessing the first aid readiness of the workplace, it is also important to ensure that enough personnel have been trained in first aid skills and that trained persons are always available at the workplace. Those responsible for safety also have to make sure, for example, in industrial plants and construction sites, that first aid supplies and equipment are easily accessible and protective equipment is available. In the planning of the whole, it must be taken into account that not everything always goes to plan. Exceptional situations, such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks, should be taken into account in the planning of first aid preparedness.

At workplaces, depending on the job description and operating environment, there may also be situations that cause anxiety, fear or other psychological symptoms. In addition, the employees' various physical limitations, illnesses and injuries that may occur in the workplace must also be taken into account. These situations should be considered when planning first aid preparedness, and support and guidance should be offered to employees if necessary.

Carefully mapped scenarios and action plans improve the general safety picture and first aid readiness in different situations. And it's always good to keep in mind that plans only work when all employees are aware of them and know how to act when the situation is on.

First aid preparedness is an important part of workplace safety culture, and special attention should be paid to its planning. Regular first aid training and the availability of trained personnel at all times guarantee that the workplace is ready to respond to possible first aid situations. VALTO360° contains the tools and readiness to improve work safety and first aid readiness, in a visual and rewarding online environment.

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A practical example of VALTO operation

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The condition of pump motors is monitored regularly, usually by an on-site inspection, listening for running noise and external signs such as resonance. Monitoring can also be done via IoT sensors. If a fault occurs, the motor is then serviced or repaired. At this point, the VALTO360° strengths come to the fore. When requesting quotations for the work, it’s possible to show what kind of motor is in question, what the is motor connected to, where it is located, what its life cycle and maintenance history are, and what kind of protective equipment and permits are needed to carry out the work. This information can be found in the POI added to the engine and can be directly attached to the request for quotation. When the worker enters the premises, the permits, the right tools and safety equipment are in order and the objective is clear. With right and accurate information, you can get your line back up and running faster.

Energy distribution

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

A key part of energy production is a functioning transmission and distribution infrastructure. The energy production and maintenance structure has evolved in a direction where subcontracting chains are long, cumbersome and expensive to maintain. The distribution network, especially in scattered areas, is prone to disruption.

Energy production and policy are changing. The focus is shifting to renewable energy sources, which will also change the roles of production and distribution. The energy production of the future will diversify, in addition to large backbone networks, some of the energy (solar, wind…) will be produced closer to where it is consumed. Short distribution distances reduce transmission losses, as well as disruptions caused by problems with natural forces and large power plants. Local production management provides significantly more capabilities for accurate energy measurement and control, as well as usage analysis.

The change will also affect the resourcing of maintenance and servicing, even though the energy units are local, their management is usually centralized somewhere else. The organization and centralized management of the local know-how and subcontracting network requires a functional tool for work supervision and monitoring.

The VALTO360° application developed by DEKRA solves most maintenance and monitoring issues. It gathers the scattered information of companies into one visual interface, from which the necessary information is shared to those who need it.

VALTO360° offers e.g.

  • 360° Panoramic images
  • Area and floor maps
  • 3D models
  • Points of Interest (POIs):
    IoT sensors, measurement results, alarm limits, instructions, protocols, videos, etc.
  • Local RFID and QR labels
  • Integration into companies' own systems
  • Browser-based application
  • Customizable user rights
  • Installation either as SaaS (Software as a Service) or local installation (On-Premises) on the company's own server.

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