QR-code link between physical and virtual world

Thursday, January 13, 2022

VALTO360° presents a space or facility as a digital twin and brings information available to the user relevant to the place or target. To guarantee easiness-to-use and speed, we use QR-codes as a bridge between the physical space and the virtual space within the system. In practice this is done by stickers, which are placed on premises to places, from which one wants to present information about. The user reads the sticker in the physical space with a mobile device, which opens the information of the target. 

There are three options for stickers. In the middle of the picture is shown the simplest solution, where the QR-code sticker is attached to a wall or device with glue. On the right is a ferrite sticker, which can be attached additionally to a magnetic target. This is useful in cases where temperature or for example solvents reduce reliability of sticker attachment with only glue. On the left is a QR-sticker, which has an electronically readable NFC chip. This is useful in cases where the environment is dark, very dusty or dirty. NFC sticker includes also ferrite feature.