Initial fire-fighting equipment in VALTO360 ° environment

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The owner and occupier of a property are always responsible for the condition and availability of fire hydrants. Everyone working in real estate, industrial and production areas must know the locations of the initial fire-fighting equipment.

No-one should move or remove the initial fire-fighting equipment, as everyone must be able to rely on the locations of the fire-fighting equipment they have learned. Their correct placement may also be a condition of the usage permit of the building.

The initial fire extinguishing equipment is marked in the VALTO360 ° environment on the floor plan and 360 ° images, through which they are easy to find.

The required documents can be attached to the VALTO360 ° point of interest:

  • selection of the site's initial fire-fighting equipment
  • fire extinguisher regulations (fire and power classes)
  • periodic inspection certificates
  • maximum service intervals
  • fire inspection reports
  • timeframe for the pressure test of the express fire hose

Emergency fire hydrants should be inspected every year and hoses tested every five years. Reminders about these inspections are easy to connect to the VALTO360 ° point of interest, making it easy for the person in charge to monitor the inspections.

Increase production efficiency

Thursday, January 13, 2022

VALTO360 ° is a cost-effective tool to support inspection and maintenance operations.

We know from experience how much time and resources are spent on normal inspection and maintenance processes. We have worked hard to ensure that operational functions can be performed as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible.

The basis of the functions is easy information sharing and access, as well as a visual, digital twin for remote viewing of objects. The new update also includes remote monitoring of objects. The video camera feature can be used to monitor activity in real time, and IoT sensor support can be used to view changes in processes or instruments.
A significant new feature is the “VALTO Observer” measurement line program, which facilitates the monitoring of erosion and wear of boilers and pipelines. This feature is a very useful feature for lifecycle management and avoiding downtime.

  • Area and floor maps
  • 360 ° photos
  • 3D images and files
  • Visual interface and navigation
  • Points of Interest (POIs) and Linked Files
  • Production environment RFID and QR labels
  • Integrations with different information systems (APIs)

v 2.3 - New

  • Improvements to SafeHub and Sherlok integrations
  • ISO27001 certified
  • Video cameras
  • Measuring line and boiler application
  • IoT sensors
  • Education and training - Moodle integration
  • Software platform and interface improvements

The VALTO360 ° has many functions that facilitate productivity and work processes, for more detailed information:

Timo Juhola
+358 44 737 6970

QR-code link between physical and virtual world

Thursday, January 13, 2022

VALTO360° presents a space or facility as a digital twin and brings information available to the user relevant to the place or target. To guarantee easiness-to-use and speed, we use QR-codes as a bridge between the physical space and the virtual space within the system. In practice this is done by stickers, which are placed on premises to places, from which one wants to present information about. The user reads the sticker in the physical space with a mobile device, which opens the information of the target. 

There are three options for stickers. In the middle of the picture is shown the simplest solution, where the QR-code sticker is attached to a wall or device with glue. On the right is a ferrite sticker, which can be attached additionally to a magnetic target. This is useful in cases where temperature or for example solvents reduce reliability of sticker attachment with only glue. On the left is a QR-sticker, which has an electronically readable NFC chip. This is useful in cases where the environment is dark, very dusty or dirty. NFC sticker includes also ferrite feature. 

Video surveillance

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Real-time image delivering cameras are very useful in area surveillance or monitoring, as well as monitoring condition or functioning of different type of production devices. VALTO360º set has a new optional feature of cameras, which can be used to monitor live feed from the target and browse the recordings. User can access desired target through browser in mobile device or other terminal independent of time and place.

Camera option is a natural feature to side with visual 360º photos. In case something noteworthy happens in the production environment, one can state the situation, for example if a valve has broken down or if there is some unjustified activities happening. VALTO360º uses customer’s own camera system, which is integrated to the user interface, where video opens through a normal point of interest. 

Customer case GBW

Thursday, January 13, 2022

VALTO360°’s functionality is best described by the practical example of Global Boiler Works Oy implementation. GBW functions in different fields of research and development of machine and metal construction. Customers consist of international and domestic companies and research institutes, in addition to co-operating with University of Oulu in training and research. 

Due to diversity in the operations, on GBW’s premises there are a lot of different type of activities from structural design to material testing and small-scale production. The premises include a lot of information and data, that must be available for immediate use. In addition, there are many different operators, devices and spaces, in which safety has to be paid special attention to. To manage this entirety, they took in use VALTO360°, with different functions, spaces and information can be managed and monitored in a centralized way through a browser independent of place. 

Implementation was VALTO360° basic solution, that is easy-to-use environment for operations, and that has been reinforced with new features of version 2.3. A digital twin was made of GBW’s premises, as 360º photos and floor plan. In these photos, POI’s have been added for targets requiring of review and in physical space QR tags, that has all relevant data linked from GBW’s own servers. The most important functionalities of the implementation, and added information:

  • Instruments and devices
    • management and tracking – locations and safety
    • documents, life cycle history, instructions, maintenances, etc.
  • Work safety 
    • induction 
    • safety markings and hazardous areas
    • video tracking and surveillance
  • Information management
    • sharing and permissions 
    • all data in GBW’s control
  • Visual interface
    • logical contexts – natural way to observe the environment
    • presentation of spaces and operation - acquaintance
    • Training
    • Co-operation readiness with different operators
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