Video surveillance

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Real-time image delivering cameras are very useful in area surveillance or monitoring, as well as monitoring condition or functioning of different type of production devices. VALTO360º set has a new optional feature of cameras, which can be used to monitor live feed from the target and browse the recordings. User can access desired target through browser in mobile device or other terminal independent of time and place.

Camera option is a natural feature to side with visual 360º photos. In case something noteworthy happens in the production environment, one can state the situation, for example if a valve has broken down or if there is some unjustified activities happening. VALTO360º uses customer’s own camera system, which is integrated to the user interface, where video opens through a normal point of interest. 

Customer case GBW

Thursday, January 13, 2022

VALTO360°’s functionality is best described by the practical example of Global Boiler Works Oy implementation. GBW functions in different fields of research and development of machine and metal construction. Customers consist of international and domestic companies and research institutes, in addition to co-operating with University of Oulu in training and research. 

Due to diversity in the operations, on GBW’s premises there are a lot of different type of activities from structural design to material testing and small-scale production. The premises include a lot of information and data, that must be available for immediate use. In addition, there are many different operators, devices and spaces, in which safety has to be paid special attention to. To manage this entirety, they took in use VALTO360°, with different functions, spaces and information can be managed and monitored in a centralized way through a browser independent of place. 

Implementation was VALTO360° basic solution, that is easy-to-use environment for operations, and that has been reinforced with new features of version 2.3. A digital twin was made of GBW’s premises, as 360º photos and floor plan. In these photos, POI’s have been added for targets requiring of review and in physical space QR tags, that has all relevant data linked from GBW’s own servers. The most important functionalities of the implementation, and added information:

  • Instruments and devices
    • management and tracking – locations and safety
    • documents, life cycle history, instructions, maintenances, etc.
  • Work safety 
    • induction 
    • safety markings and hazardous areas
    • video tracking and surveillance
  • Information management
    • sharing and permissions 
    • all data in GBW’s control
  • Visual interface
    • logical contexts – natural way to observe the environment
    • presentation of spaces and operation - acquaintance
    • Training
    • Co-operation readiness with different operators

Information management and data security

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The most important features of VALTO360º are information management and processing, it collects information to the point (POI) where it is needed. The emphasis is in collecting, all data is in customer’s own control. VALTO360º is not a parallel system to company’s own systems, but utilizes the information in them and facilitates the availability of it. Data is fetched from customer’s servers and updated data is also saved there.

Security is one of the most important aspects of network traffic and data processing. GDPR and many other requirements for secure data storage and handling are to be taken into consideration precisely. Beginning from the logging in, the data is transferred through public network encrypted. As information is distributed to several different systems, the connections for data transfer has to be kept secure. VALTO360º emphasizes and abides by the naturally strict data processing and security protocols in all networking.

On the operative level, permissions are also associated to data security as those take care that only those persons, who have access to view or modify information, are allowed to do so. Permission groups and their hierarchical order and other rules take care that the administrator can easily be resting assured of the validity of the permissions.

X-ray film development machine introduction procedures in industry

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Practical example shows how VALTO360° scales to different tasks. In this example it is unraveled what has to be taken into consideration when setting up the x-ray film development machine. 

Briefly, VALTO360° tells what has to be considered, shows the relevant documents and visually where everything is and works as a memo in the introduction. 

List of actions and procedures: 

  • Development machine’s calibration certificate validity, when is it due to perform a new calibration?
  • Development machine’s inspection certificate, is the inspection still valid?
  • Opening the water faucet for the machine, where is it located? Are there other valves that has to be opened before operating?
  • Turning on algae removal machine, where is the switch and where to get more if the container is empty?
  • Freshening liquid level check, how to produce more if the materials are low and where the materials are stored?
  • Is there still space for more used freshening in the waste containers, where are the full containers taken for recycling and location of the new containers?
  • If the machine gives errors, then what do those mean?

Contacting the maintenance personnel diminishes as the instructions and documents can be found directly from the VALTO360° service. Reports and documents are saved in near real-time of the operations and set up to the customer’s system.

Additional information:
Lassi Halme
+358 40 353 3455

Cleanliness and order

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Safe working environment is clean. Sanitation is an important part of the safety. Passages and devices’ and machines’ fronts have to be accessible. Especially first aid and fire extinguishing equipment have to be easily and quickly get-to-able. It can be sometimes hard to spot these defects from the familiar and everyday work environment. External person might notice the deficiencies, that the internal permanent staff do not. Sometimes reviewing can be streamlined by collecting visual data of own environment. Photos and videos support reporting and can function even better than written data. VALTO360° facilitates in keeping places organized.

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