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X-ray film development machine introduction procedures in industry

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Practical example shows how VALTO360° scales to different tasks. In this example it is unraveled what has to be taken into consideration when setting up the x-ray film development machine. 

Briefly, VALTO360° tells what has to be considered, shows the relevant documents and visually where everything is and works as a memo in the introduction. 

List of actions and procedures: 

  • Development machine’s calibration certificate validity, when is it due to perform a new calibration?
  • Development machine’s inspection certificate, is the inspection still valid?
  • Opening the water faucet for the machine, where is it located? Are there other valves that has to be opened before operating?
  • Turning on algae removal machine, where is the switch and where to get more if the container is empty?
  • Freshening liquid level check, how to produce more if the materials are low and where the materials are stored?
  • Is there still space for more used freshening in the waste containers, where are the full containers taken for recycling and location of the new containers?
  • If the machine gives errors, then what do those mean?

Contacting the maintenance personnel diminishes as the instructions and documents can be found directly from the VALTO360° service. Reports and documents are saved in near real-time of the operations and set up to the customer’s system.

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Cleanliness and order

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Safe working environment is clean. Sanitation is an important part of the safety. Passages and devices’ and machines’ fronts have to be accessible. Especially first aid and fire extinguishing equipment have to be easily and quickly get-to-able. It can be sometimes hard to spot these defects from the familiar and everyday work environment. External person might notice the deficiencies, that the internal permanent staff do not. Sometimes reviewing can be streamlined by collecting visual data of own environment. Photos and videos support reporting and can function even better than written data. VALTO360° facilitates in keeping places organized.

Work safety

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Most important factor in work safety is you

Industry and manufacturing environments are challenging working environments when considering safety. We use different kind of protective equipment and develop our modes of operation to ensure safety in work sites, where there is a high risk for accidents. The greater the risks have been estimated, the better we strive to protect ourselves. Most important factor in security is however each one of us ourselves.

Work planning, risk assessment, training or using of necessary protective equipment are just part of the safety.

Person working at the site has a great possibility to affect the work safety.

Information that has been added to the working environment supports all activity, read more at

Control spaces, also remotely

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Many things and tasks, that previously required presence physically, can be done now also virtually and remotely, in the digital copy of the space. Same target information is available in the digital copy by clicking the point of interest (POI) icon and in physical space by reading the QR tag of the point. 

VALTO 360° set is a practical and functional solution to information management and sharing. Manuals, maintenance reports etc., all other necessary digital material is always available there where it is needed.

In addition to VALTO 360° being a tool to review the target information, it is suitable naturally to presenting the spaces, induction and training. Use cases are however limitless, unless limited by the users’ imagination. 

Digital copy of the production facility

Thursday, January 13, 2022

VALTO 360° service solution facilitates the information management of the operating and production environments.

VALTO 360° idea is simple and functional. The digital copy made of the production environment contains all the necessary information about the infrastructure of the target. Each facility and office has been made its own digital body. These targets are listed and clearly marked on a map. By choosing the desired facility, we can review the target more closely. Essential is that the same target information is viewable on site as well as remotely.

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