Customer case GBW

Thursday, January 13, 2022

VALTO360°’s functionality is best described by the practical example of Global Boiler Works Oy implementation. GBW functions in different fields of research and development of machine and metal construction. Customers consist of international and domestic companies and research institutes, in addition to co-operating with University of Oulu in training and research. 

Due to diversity in the operations, on GBW’s premises there are a lot of different type of activities from structural design to material testing and small-scale production. The premises include a lot of information and data, that must be available for immediate use. In addition, there are many different operators, devices and spaces, in which safety has to be paid special attention to. To manage this entirety, they took in use VALTO360°, with different functions, spaces and information can be managed and monitored in a centralized way through a browser independent of place. 

Implementation was VALTO360° basic solution, that is easy-to-use environment for operations, and that has been reinforced with new features of version 2.3. A digital twin was made of GBW’s premises, as 360º photos and floor plan. In these photos, POI’s have been added for targets requiring of review and in physical space QR tags, that has all relevant data linked from GBW’s own servers. The most important functionalities of the implementation, and added information:

  • Instruments and devices
    • management and tracking – locations and safety
    • documents, life cycle history, instructions, maintenances, etc.
  • Work safety 
    • induction 
    • safety markings and hazardous areas
    • video tracking and surveillance
  • Information management
    • sharing and permissions 
    • all data in GBW’s control
  • Visual interface
    • logical contexts – natural way to observe the environment
    • presentation of spaces and operation - acquaintance
    • Training
    • Co-operation readiness with different operators